Irish Republican Socialist Prisoners of War

Irish Republican Socialist Prisoners of War
Information effective and accurate as of 26 February, 2010.
Name: County/City: Sentence:
Owen Clail Dublin 7 1/2 years
Gerard Mackin Belfast Life
Denis Dywer Dublin 5 years
Eugene Kelly Dundalk  
Paul Kelly Dundalk 4 years
Paddy Wall South Armagh 7 1/2  years
Thomas Kelly Dublin 5 years
Gerard Kelleher Dublin 4 years
Neil Myles Cork 4 1/2 years
John McCrossan Strabane 4 1/2 years
Jonathan Keogh Dublin 8 years
David O'Connor Dublin 3 years
Noel Mooney Dublin 8 years
Gareth Bryne Dublin 4 years
Anthony Lee Dundalk 5 years

Remand prisoners are not listed.

E4 Landing
Portlaoise Prison
Portlaoise, Co Laois

Kindly visit Teach na Failte, the republican socialist ex-prisoners group


Letters, cards, birthday greetings and so forth are welcome. For additional information on contributing to the support of prisoners' dependents through the sponsorship program of the James Connolly Prisoners' Welfare Fund or on helping to supply educational materials through the Republican Socialist Prisoners Educational Fund, please contact us at: IRSCNA, PO Box 901479, Kansas City, Missouri 64190-1479, USA. You may also email us at

Please visit IRSCNA to get more information on current or ongoing prisoner support campaigns.

Please visit the Anarchist Black Cross, Break the Chains, and the Irish Freedom Committee and support the release of all political prisoners worldwide.

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